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It is time to get personal
with your Spirit and
allow it to
emerge in your life.

Have you ever had the urge to do something but did not? This could have been a gentle nudge from your Spirit to take action. Spirit is here to give us guidance and direction, but it has mostly been ignored. We have allowed the voices outside ourselves to have a greater influence on us than our inner voice. It is time to bring your inner world back into balance with your outer world. It is time to have equal respect for your intuition and urgings as you do for your intellect and logic. It is time to honor that which is within you.

Learn to:

find your inner voice

• trust the guidance you are given

• act on your intuition

• overcome the fears that hold you back

• bring more of your Spirit into the world

 Spirit is calling. You are being invited to walk with your Spirit every moment of the day. How will you respond to the invitation and answer the call?

Spirit Emerging is available through Balboa Press, Amazon, or directly from the author at

Advanced Praise

Bonnie Bayly in her new book, Spirit Emerging, has done a beautiful job synthesizing a wide range of material for the serious spiritual seeker. Her ability to make accessible many important and timeless concepts makes this offering an excellent contribution to the world of personal and spiritual growth. I highly recommend this book and am sure it will find a warm place within the heart of anyone who takes its wise, thoughtful and gentle council.

Michael Brant DeMaria, Ph.D., Psychologist, Author, Speaker and Four-Time Grammy nominated Musician

Spirit Emerging is skillfully crafted. Ms. Bayly strips away denominational constraints that too often blind us to our commonalities. The result, Spirit Emerging has universality in presenting the desire we have to connect with a supreme being and the gift available to all of us to be guided through life. The examples Ms. Bayly gives of her own experiences leave the reader thirsty for this connection. She does not disappoint; the reader is provided with a participatory workbook to develop his or her own spiritual discipline wherein Spirit emerges.

Melissa K. Webster, MSN, RN,
Deacon, Presbyterian Church (USA)

If youre ready for a positive transformation in your life, you'll love Spirit Emerging by Bonnie Bayly. Weaving inspiring and instructive personal stories with time-tested universal spiritual principles, she reveals the practical steps you can take every day to raise your consciousness and your life to a higher and happier level. This book is a treasure.

Will Tuttle, Ph.D., pianist, composer,
and former Zen monk,  author of the acclaimed best-seller, The World Peace Diet, and a recipient of the
Courage of Conscience Award

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